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Dries Brunt on eBooks

Julie 15, 2012

In an interview with Dries Brunt who has reviewed books for The Citizen newspaper since 2004, he told about the exciting opportunity writers have, using the electronic medium to get their work published and marketed.  Dries decided to publish his books, thirteen in total (fourteenth in the making), using this medium.

Why eBooks?  The difference between Evolution and Revolution is just a single letter but shows an amazing development in book reading trends.  From the early days of Sony Reader, which did not quite make it in the marketplace, till the present, e-readers now outnumber print-readers, world-wide.  For Dries the acronym WWW for World-Wide-Web has another meaning.  “For me it means, Win-Win-Win.”

Win for the writer.  The market for my books has expanded from local to global, including South African ex-pats.  I have written 7 Afrikaans and 4 English books of which  two are translated in Dutch.  These are now being reformatted for electronic publishing with 7 already available to a world audience.  The translations create an opportunity to get my name established in the Dutch/Flemish book market with the added benefit of selling Afrikaans books which are gaining popularity over there.  Statistics show that e-readers read 2.7 more books than print-readers which for any writer is good news.  A complete list of available books appears in Google but can also be obtained from my publisher’s website.

Win for the publisher. A publisher dedicated to offer top quality books can enter the market with small capital investment and establish herself in a particular genre of writing.  For the publisher the extended market is equally important.  There is talk about self-publishing on Internet but for the serious writer this is never an option.  Publishing eBooks remains a specialist job requiring intimate knowledge of the electronic platform used, negotiating tax relief buying overseas services, editing and reviewing, illustration and dealings with eBook agencies who attend to plagiarism and copyright issues.

The publisher creates and updates a website to display cover page, price and descriptive text to introduce books to prospective buyers.  In addition she administers transfer of overseas funds and writer payment.  In my case my publisher  answers to all requirements and more.  This publisher has chosen Amazon Kindle as the most suitable eBook platform which answers to all professional needs that she requires to provide quality service.

Win for the reader.  This is the big win, making a treasure house of books available at the push of a button not more intricate than using a telephone.  Kindle is accessible in a range of hardware readers at prices ranging from R1000 to R1500 (shop around).  The least expensive happens to be the most suitable for book reading.  A tablet, the size of a smallish book is hand held and offers immediate access to the selected book.  Battery charged, the reader can be used anywhere and new titles can be purchased within the signal range of the cell phone network  Prices are typically one-third of printed books with hundreds of classics at rock bottom prices of $3 or less.  Giving a book present is equally friendly.  Payment via credit card is scrupulously administered at current exchange rates.  Font size can be adjusted to suit reader needs and for the blind, English text can be read out in an audio version of the book at no extra cost.  Your e-collection is stored should your reader get lost.  Information on Kindle reading is available on Google under Amazon Kindle.  The eBook revolution is a friendly one.  It also places a huge responsibility on eBook publishers to maintain high quality standards for their products.

“I love it,” says Dries.  “Care for another W?  No pulping of unsold copies.”

Nadia’s Notes:

Dries was born in the Netherlands in 1933 and emigrated to South Africa with his parents in 1949. He lives in Pretoria with his wife, Maryna.

Dries has an impressive number of interests as well as academic achievements. His debut novel, Dagboek van ‘n Eensame, was published (on paper) by Tafelberg and is a work of fiction based on an Antarctic expedition he took part in in 1963/4/5.

Dries has published a number of eBooks. His publisher is Boekemakranka;

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  1. Julie 15, 2012 12:16 NM

    Reblogged this on Boekemakranka and commented:
    Boekemakranka is trots om Dries Brunt aan boord te hê! Sy e-Boeke sal binnekort ook op Kalahari en Leserskring in ePub formaat beskikbaar wees.

  2. Julie 15, 2012 12:17 NM

    Boekemakranka is trots om Dries Brunt aan boord te hê! Sy e-Boeke sal binnekort ook op Kalahari en Leserskring in ePub formaat beskikbaar wees. Veral Ekspedisie Onvervuld en Skandekliniek verkoop baie goed. Die waarheid is mos vreemder as fiksie…

  3. Julie 15, 2012 9:27 NM

    Dankie vir de lekker pos, Nadia.

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